Miniature Paper Art Collectibles for 2022

Introducing my new Tiny Paper Art Collectibles

just in time for the holidays!

Some of the individual pieces are really this tiny!!

These tiny pieces of art follow the same production process and level of attention to detail I put into my larger pieces – just on a miniature scale. Each piece has a 2″ x 3″ footprint of work (finished framed 4″ x 5″), takes about 4 hours to complete, and is titled, dated and signed. Each frame is deep enough to stand on its own, but also comes ready to hang.

The miniatures are a great way to introduce art to a new collector during the holiday, fill that special someone’s stocking, or can be a treat as a gift to yourself after a long day of holiday preparation!

I am introducing these pieces at the Artist Holiday Open House at Swanky! Interior Design Gallery on Thursday evening, December 8th. Join my mailing list and look for your invite!

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